Charge your electric car while shopping

from 20.03 to 20.03

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Do you drive an electric car? Now you can charge your car quickly and efficiently thanks to the GreenWay network charger, which is located in the parking lot of our Shopping Centre.

The device allows you to charge two vehicles at the same time. It offers customers two types of connectors – CCS and Type2, and its power ensures quick charging of the vehicle’s battery. Depending on the electric car model, a 20-minute charge allows the driver to travel up to 300 km. While the vehicle is charging, the driver and passengers can rest, shop or eat a meal in our Shopping Centre.

Using the charger is possible after registering on the website www.greenwaypolska.pl. Charging cars in chargers in the GreenWay network is subject to a fee, and the price list and regulations for using the device are available on the website and in the operator’s mobile application.